Healing Through Yoga

Through yoga, we find our true nature and our life’s purpose.

At Mandala, we understand that recovery happens breath-by-breath, which is why healing and practicing yoga are such a natural combination. Patients work through the yoga postures, finding their own way and uncovering recovery challenges and successes as they go.

The Purpose Of Yoga In Recovery

The yogic view of addiction is that it is a separation from one’s true nature – a disconnection with the Self. Working through the subtle physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the body, patients begin to uncover the reasons for this separation and begin to transition towards wholeness once again. They learn to let go of suppressive tendencies and regain their ability to feel on all levels.

The yoga mat is a “safe” place. As we find our shortcomings on the mat, we examine our fears. We look at ourselves directly and honestly with no judgment from others or ourselves. In this way, we find our way to the other side. Darkness turns to light, failures become successes, and tears become laughter.

Through yoga, we find our true nature and our life’s purpose. The veil begins to lift as we experience our spiritual essence. Yoga peels back the layers of addiction to reveal the authentic being inside each of us.


Yoga classes at Mandala are designed to be light and fun, with a focus on releasing tension.

Once patients get started with the gentle asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques), they start to feel more confident. As the class progresses, our yoga instructor builds upon a sequence of strength, endurance, balance and flexibility, which leads to a more challenging apex asana. The sequence is carefully broken down to help ensure success for everyone at some stage of the posture.

Sessions conclude with about 30 minutes of an easy-to-follow meditation technique called Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra brings awareness to the physical body through a guided method of very specific awareness. Through breath work and body-conscious techniques, patients learn to surrender to stillness and focus through visualization and positive affirmations. The goal is to reach sankalpa, which is the state between sleep and wakefulness. This is everyone’s favorite part of the class and concludes with various mudras (hand gestures) and chants of mantra (affirmations).

While in detox, some patients may not feel ready to begin a journey with yoga. We strongly recommend listening to your inner wisdom. Participation is voluntary, and our classes are aimed to provide service at the level each patient desires. Also, prior to practicing with us, our medical team must first clear each patient for yoga. Please speak with our team upon admission if you would like to practice yoga with us so we may schedule your medical clearance appointment.


Most Mandala patients are open to trying yoga and very few opt out if given the opportunity. Those patients who participate in the yoga program rarely miss a class and look forward to their time on the mat. Many reschedule appointments whenever possible so as not to conflict with their yoga.

Our instructor works with patients on any physical limitations to ensure they maximize their time on the mat without causing injury. Initial fears are quickly subsided through clear and attentive instruction regarding the entire process of getting into and out of each pose safely and correctly.

Our patients love and look forward to their yoga practice, feeling that their entire day starts out on the right foot when it begins with yoga. They feel calm and relaxed throughout the day and feel that their anxiety level is lowered. Feedback is always encouraged from our patients, so the instructor can then work on specific postures and hand gestures to address their unique concerns and enhance their personal journey of healing.


The Mandala Healing Center values the kind and generous words that both professionals and patients have shared with us. Thank you.

The Delray Recovery Center has helped me in many ways. They helped me deal better with my traumas, become more educated about the disease of addiction, and open up more. The Delray Recovery Center crew is a great group of people who are willing to help if you are willing to change. I have strong hope after your recovery program. There is no doubt that the therapists are fantastic people. They helped me out so much and I won’t ever forget them and what they did to help me in recovery.

Jonathan D., Long Island, NY

It brings me pleasure to acknowledge the excellence of your facility. My husband recently stayed at the Delray Beach site. I was so pleased with my visit. Immediately, I noticed the neatly-groomed grounds and cleanliness of the rooms. It was very impressive.

During my husband’s stay, he became very ill and needed emergency medical care. It is impossible to express, in words, our thanks and appreciation to Brett for his unbelievable job of observation, caring, and kindness to him. Also, for his patience with my many phone calls and willingness to assist beyond the call of duty with compassion.

I am also thankful to Mike, who assisted with the packing, and Joe for his conversations. The respectful and helpful manner of The Delray Recovery Center staff was beyond what I expected. My gratitude and prayers are with all. God Bless you and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Theresa R., Orlando, FL

I think the world of you and what you’re doing to help people. I do owe my life to you, Brett, and Mike, literally. Words aren’t enough to express my gratitude, nor could anything in this world. Maybe someday, when you run into me clean and sober, you’ll get some ‘thanks’ from above.

Those several days I spent with you changed something in me. I can’t quite put my finger on it–but it’s good. And you guys all had a part in it. For that, my deepest gratitude belongs to you, Joe, Brett, Mike, and the young lady who welcomed me with all the grace she had in her.

My hope is that we can become friends. Quality people like yourselves is what I need in my life.

Brian T., Philadelphia, PA

Why has The Delray Recovery Center been successful when other programs were not? The Delray Recovery Center was a much longer term program than he had participated in previously, and Mark knew that if he didn’t follow the rules that he had no chance of future family support.

These consequences may have been just as important as the rehab center itself. They staff at The Delray Recovery Center is appropriately strict, honest and demanding of their clients. They helped him address legal issues as well as helping him gain employment.

This was a relatively unique aspect of the center. It forced individuals to be proactive and encouraged optimism regarding the future.

I do not know if this is similar at other programs. The therapists at The Delray Recovery Center have also been exceptional: Chris, his therapist has been great–forthright, and great at communication. He has helped Mark sort out numerous psychosocial problems. Mark has continued to follow up with him intermittently since completing the program at DRC. I have no hesitation in recommending The Delray Recovery Center for someone with Mark’s challenges.

Dr. Malone, Jersey City, NJ

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